Fun Days

Fun Days are from 1:45-4:00

May 26th- 8th Grade

May 30th – 7th Grade

May 31st – 6th Grade

  1. Volunteer to help during the event- If you are interested in helping, please contact Colleen Salinas at or 832-375-7552. There are many jobs to fill and any help would be wonderful.
  1. Donate Items for the event to the front office:
    1. Bottled Water
    2. Plastic Tubs
    3. Water Balloons
  1. Snacks available for purchase during fun day:
    1. Candy
    2. Popcorn
    3. Drinks
    4. Popsicles


Events Include:

Face Painting


Human Hungry Hungry Hippos

Water Balloon Toss





Relay Races

Obstacle Course

Dream Big


2nd Semester Finals Dates 2017

Art 1/PHS/TSDE (Pt 1): May 18th 2017

Health/TSDE (Pt. 2)/PATH: May 19th 2017

DDMP-Pt 1/Pro Comm (Pt.): May 22nd  2017

DDMP-Pt.(2)/ Pro Comm (Pt. 2): May 23rd 2017

Alg. 1 (pt. 1)/Spanish (Pt. 1)/French (Pt 1): May 24th 2017

Alg. 1 (Pt. 2)/French (Pt. 2)/Spanish (Pt. 2): May 25th 2017

Check out this video from our first ELL parent night!

Promise to Purpose

STEM Endorsement -

Business & Industry Endorsement -

Public Service Endorsement -

Art & Humanities Endorsement -

Multidisciplinary Studies Endorsement - Page/McTeacher.jpg
We raised $706.61 in just three hours.
This is the most we have ever made!!!  

Ulrich is excited to announce the introduction of grading rubric for conduct grades!  It is our belief that utilizing this matrix will not only help our students visualize and internalize our high campus expectation for behavior in the classroom, but that it will also help build a community of consistency and data documentation among our staff.

The rubric was introduced to our staff on November 8th during in-service, and will be introduced to our students on Monday November 14th during a special Bulldog character education lesson.  It will be reflected on progress reports for the first time on December 1st, and will be reflected in report cards for the first time on December 18th.

We look forward to the great things this rubric will help us develop as students set goals for their own behavior and our staff works with collaboratively to help them realize it. 

         Click HERE for the Future Ready 21 Chromebook Handbook 

Click HERE for the PowerPoint Presentation

The cutoff time for early dismissals is now 2:15. Students will need to be picked up before this time or remain in their class until the bell to release students from 7th period. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Mission Statement:
Live every day with Bulldog P.R.I.D.E

Vision Statement: 
Ulrich is committed to building Learners and shaping Leaders.

Ulrich Intermediate School opened its doors on August 23, 2010. The school was named after the Ulrich family. The Ulrich family came to Texas in the early 1900s. Three brothers, Eric, Raymond and Herman, were born to August and Marie Ulrich. The youngest son, Herman purchased land across from the original homestead. This land was on the south side of Spring-Cypress and is now the site of present day Ulrich Intermediate. Herman married Tillie Hildebrandt and they had three children, Grace Ulrich Jones, Allen and Gladys Ulrich Krueger.