Prescription Medicines

All PRESCRIPTION medications must be delivered directly to the clinic by the parent or guardian. A KISD Medication Form will be required. This can be found online at Klein ISD Medication Policy or from the school clinic. This includes all oral medications, inhalers, ointments, etc. This procedure is implemented for the safety of your children.
Students who bring prescription medications to school, even with instructions from parents to deliver them to the clinic, will be referred to their Assistant Principal and may be subject to disciplinary measures.
All prescription medication must be in its original container, properly labeled from the pharmacy. Check expiration dates. No expired medication will be accepted. The clinic will accept a one month supply of medication which will be inventoried with the parent. Siblings may not share prescription medications. All prescription medications not picked up by the parent/guardian by the last day of school will be sent for disposal. 

Medication Authorization Form- Click Here!

Over the Counter Medications:
parents have two options

1.Parents or Guardians may bring non-prescription/over the counter medications such as Tylenol, Advil, etc. to the clinic. A doctor's note must be provided IF the medication is to be KEPT in the clinic.  The medication will be administered by clinic personnel. Check expiration dates. All medication must be in the original bottle. Please bring a small bottle due to limited storage space. 

2.Students may carry a small bottle of over the counter medication ON THEIR PERSON with a signed, dated, PARENT NOTE. The medication must be in the original bottle. Check the expiration date. The medication may not be shared with other students. It is strongly recommended that the student go to the clinic to take the medication since the consumption of pills in any form during the school day or on the school campus increases the likelihood of a student being mistakenly charged with a violation of the district’s policy on drug abuse. 

ADMINISTERING Medication: The school does not provide any medications for students. No herbal preparations will be administered. Due to the danger of Reye’s Syndrome, No ASPIRIN will be administered by the clinic staff unless specifically ordered by your child’s physician for a specific diagnosis. 

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