Internet Connection Issues

Internet Troubles?
If your child is getting some sort of error message when he/ she logs on to the internet on his/her chromebook, please have your child take a screenshot of the error message and put in a work request on Student Net.
How to take a Screenshot

**TIP: The Chromebooks will connect to your home internet much easier if your child shuts down his/ her computer at the end of the school day.

Internet Troubles Solution!
Thanks to your screenshots we have a work around solution for your internet troubles.

If your child is getting a screen that is similar to the ones below, please click on the red g+ button and have your child sign in. Please be aware that your child may have to re-sign in. We realize this is not ideal, but we are working on fixing this issue.
Internet Connection Issues
Internet Connection Issues

Lightspeed Issues:

  1. When the "internet is slow" (either at home or at school) DON'T press F5 or refresh. That will only add to the time it takes to load the page(s).
  2. When students leave school for the end of the day close all tabs and SHUT DOWN. This will allow a faster start-up at home because it's not trying to load the cache of the pages that were up before they left school.

Lightspeed Fix:

In working with Lightspeed, we made some changes that should drastically improve the use of the Chromebooks at home. Students should no longer see a large lag in loading webpages and they should NOT have to authenticate to access their resources from home!!

Please let us know if your child is still having issues accessing resources from home.

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