Attendance Codes and Record Keeping

For record keeping purposes, codes are used to document a student's attendance. At the Intermediate level, attendance is taken eight times per day, by each of your student's teachers as the day progresses. Each teacher submits either "P" for present, "T" for tardy, or "A" for Absent. If there is a parent note, medical note, or other designated circumstance, that code will be overridden by the Attendance Office.

If a student misses more than fifteen (15) minutes of class, they are counted absent from class. Students are permitted a maximum of nine (9) excused/extenuating circumstance absences per semester for High School credit courses or eighteen (18) for Intermediate level courses. Absences beyond this may result in the loss of academic credit.

E- Parent Notification Absence

In order for an absence to qualify as excused/extenuating, the parent or guardian must submit the parent excusal absence in the Skyward family access portal or send a hand-written, signed note to the Attendance Office within five (5) school days of the absence. The notification should include the student's full name, the date(s) and nature of the absence, and be signed by the parent or guardian of record.

**Please note that Parent Notification can only be accepted for up to eighteen (18) absences per class per school year for Intermediate School credits or nine (9) per semester for High School credits. After this limit is reached, the absences can no longer be excused by the parent and will remain as unexcused unless a physician's excusal for exact days/dates is received.

M- Medical Note Excusal Absence (Full Day)

If a student is under a doctor's care and is absent from school for a full day(s), it is to the student's advantage to request a written excusal from the doctor stating the exact day(s) that the student should medically be excused from school. Medical Note absences do not count towards loss of credit.

Medical notes cannot be sent thru the Skyward portal, but must be hand-delivered or faxed from the Doctor's office. PHOTOTS of original, unaltered medical notes may be submitted by email from parents, or from a Doctor's office.

Ulrich Fax: 832-375-7599

D- Section 25 Medical Note Excusal (Partial Day)

If it is necessary for a student to miss a portion of the school day due to any type of medical care, that absence will be dismissed if a physician's note is submitted to the Attendance Office immediately upon returning to school. This excusal only applies to partial days missed due to doctor's appointments and with the medical note received by the Attendance Office when the student returns to classes.

Commonly Used Attendance Codes



B-Absence marked by teacher

Z-Truant, absence designated by Administrator

E-Excused absence with written Parent Notification

M-Excused absence with written Medical Notification

D-Partial day missed due to Medical visit, with Physician's note presented to Attendance IMMEDIATELY upon returning to campus. Does not count as an absence.

J-Present on campus, but in Clinic during class time

W-Death in immediate family. Excused absence does not count for loss of credit

I-Student is present in In-School Suspension

O-Student has been assigned Out-of-School Suspension, absent

R-Religious Holiday, excused with written documentation

L or T-Tardy

V-Present on campus, but not in the classroom

S-School Activity, same as present

N-Excused absence, sent home by the nurse

1-Present-missed less than 15 minutes of class

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